A not-so-explored wonder of the World which will surely enchant readers

underground library in India

When you have to see the wonders of the world you plan a trip to Taj Mahal or Christ the Redeemer, but for readers the wonders of the world start from books and end at books.

With the increasing number of book stores both online and offline being invented, the effect of the libraries has been diminishing.

When you go to a city, you may often hear about a bus stop or a neighborhood or metro stop as central library or Indian library but those have just become the names because people don’t prefer to go there to read rather they prefer their cozy homes.

Now, a library has to be really out of the box cool to lure book readers to get out of their cozy apartments, travel all the way to the library, sit inside and read.

There is one such cool library about which I am going to tell you in this post.

Welcome to Bhadariya village in the Pokran district

This library which I am talking about is in the state of Rajasthan in India. But what’s so special about it or worth mentioning here in this blog post?

The crazy feature about it is that it is 16 feet below the ground. Yes! It’s an underground library which is known to only a handful of people. This library exists in the Bhadariya village in the Pokran district of Rajasthan.

The nearest popular place to this library is Jaisalmer. Bhadariya village is 128 kms from Jaisalmer, so it is advised to visit Jaisalmer first to travel to this library.

Temple at the top

The temple of deity Bhadariya Mata stands on top of the library above the ground. The temple as well as the library is taken care of by the devotees who live there.

This underground library has a charm of its own. Like I mentioned earlier, it is 16 feet below the ground because of which the temperature inside it is quite low which makes it an ideal place to sit, relax, read and gain in the midst of a village in the Thar desert.

Very Attractive

All the great things come out of the vision of great men. This library is a result of the vision of one such great man Sant Harivansh Singh Nirmal who hailed from Punjab.

Although, he has left this world but the evidence of his immortality lies in the legacy which he has left behind, the underground library of Bhadariya.

The aisles and corridors of the library are quite clean and tidy and so well lit that you feel as if you’re in a paradise with glass shelves around you containing tonnes of knowledge. By the way, the library has 562 clean and tidy glass shelves and it houses more than 9 lakh books neatly placed, lined up in those shelves.

Though, a majority of the books in this library are in Hindi but that doesn’t stop it from attracting scholars and researchers from across the world to visit it.

According to the sources, the collection of books in this library started in the year 1998 and now it boasts books on Indian ancient texts, scriptures, mythology, astronomy, astrology, history and many other areas.

The highlight of this library is that it has a big collection of Atlas and Dictionaries in various Indian as well as International languages.

This library can accommodate more than 4000 people at one time who can sit inside and read which makes it as one of the biggest libraries of Asia.

A Must Visit Destination

Whether you’re into books or not, this library is a must visit destination for everyone who has some urge to explore the world.

Next time when you visit Rajasthan, I am sure your travel guide would give you a tour of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer but this time make sure you keep one extra day in your travel time budget to visit this unexplored wonder of India acting as a power house of knowledge.

I am sure that your eyes and mind will be lit by moving through the aisles of this library.

And if you already visited this library before then you’re welcome to share your experience in the comments section of the post?

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