10 rarely known,amazing facts about India that will fill you with surprise and pride

Amazing facts about India

A couple of years ago, leaned back in my chair I was totally focused on building a program in my office’s desktop computer crucial to the end of the day delivery when, suddenly, a group of volunteers from my company’s cultural department emerged from the corner of the hall and lured everyone’s attention by making an energetic announcement.

It was a surprise quiz of 10 questions on ‘facts about India’ in which the person answering first and correct will get a chocolate packet for every answer.

At the end of the quiz I found that 2 people in the entire hall had all the chocolate packets and about 70-80 people including me were standing puzzled with straight faces.

Don’t worry! I didn’t care at all about the chocolates but the thing which bothered me was I didn’t know the answer of a single question.

There are many of us who fall in situations like these and think that they could have done better here apart from their regular assignments. This can happen to anyone in school, workplace or even sports field.

If you are one of those people then this post is for you, however, if you are not read it anyway! J

Well, these are some of the opportunities that must be used to instill a remarkable image of yours in the mind of people. The people can be your colleagues,teachers, professors, and bosses, vice presidents of your company or even your soccer coach.

Excelling at such situations gives you an edge over others. Believe me or not, thereafter, those 2 guys (chocolate winners) were in the good books of the upper management people of my company.

We have so much information around us (internet, books) yet we find ourselves puzzled in a surprise quiz conducted anywhere.

Facts are infinite and it is extremely difficult to remember each and every one of them, but, it has also been observed that with the knowledge of a handful of facts by our side we can become a person of interest among others.

Surprise quizzes or competitions have become a common thing lately in schools, colleges or workplace. The knowledge of facts can be a great opportunity for you to stand out in such situations and exude an outstanding charisma in the eyes of your seniors, colleagues, professors etc.

There are so many posts shared on social networks, some of them offer quotes, few offer motivational proverbs , some of them even quote influential people but a very few provide genuine, real facts necessary to grow awareness about the country or the world we live in.

Hence, in this post I am listing down some amazing yet rarely known facts about our country.

(using these you can conduct your own quizzes )

These rare facts have been accumulated by me through some serious reading over a period of time and I would love to share all of them with you. Therefore I have complied them in two episodes rather than one so that I can elaborate a bit on each one of them.

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Continuing from above, following are the first 10 very rare facts which will certainly grow your knowledge bank and give you a kick right away when you start reading them –

1. Remember Chandamama

Though its final issue came out in 2013 still it is the longest running children magazine of India. Chandamama exhibited grandparents’ way of story-telling which made it a sole destination of teaching moral values and imparting wisdom through mythological fables.

The highlight of Chandamama was the perpetual fable of King Vikramaditya and Betal (white ghost) which is considered as the major factor behind the popularity of Chandamama.

2. Madam Tussauds

Madam Tussauds was founded in the early 19th century by Marie Tussauds who was a wax sculptor and after around a hundred years, the father of the nation became the first Indian whose statue got sculpted and put for display in the year 1939.

Well, we all know that Mahatma was a great leader but his charisma led him to Madam Tussauds, which too under the British rule, surely enhances respect for him in our hearts.

3. National Library of India

The National Library of India was created in 1836 and is considered as the largest library in India. It is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal and contains around 2 million books.

It also might interest you to know that at the time it was created, the library was open to be used without any cost for poor students.

A hidden chamber without any gateway was discovered in 2010 with archaeologists speculating it to be a chamber used to punish criminals during the British rule.

4. City Montessori School

‘When you have faith nothing is impossible’ this proverb materializes itself when you hear that City Montessori School was started with only 5 children in a rented building in 1959 by a husband and wife Jagdish and Bharti Gandhi.

The City Montessori School also held the Guinness book of world record of being the world’s largest school in terms of number of pupils in 2010-11. Currently, the number of enrolments is said to be around 52000.

Read more about the largest school in the world

5. Takshila University

Takshila University situated in current day Pakistan is believed to be the first International University of the world. Its origins date back to 7th century BC and is said to be destructed around 5th century AD.

The University had approximately two thousand teachers and invited students from the countries such as Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Greece, China etc. Researchers have found out that different subjects were taught to the students in this University. Some of them were Mathematics, War Strategies, Grammar, Astronomy, Medicine, surgery etc.

6. Wheelers on the Railway Platforms

A.H. Wheeler Company was founded by a Frenchman Emili Moreau with the first bookstall opened in the year 1877. The first stall was opened in Allahabad and a century later the company is still headquartered in Allahabad from where most of the distribution takes place.

A good thing about it is that it is now a completely Indian owned firm. According to the data on the Internet, it contributes a major portion of the Indian railways revenues coming from sales of books.

7. Road Networks

With the length of national highways totalling more than 100,000 kms and numerous expressways opened, India has the largest network of roads in the world.

There is another speculation that it has the second largest network of roads not the first.

This large network can obviously be attributed to the vast size of the country adorned by roads like Golden Quadrilateral and Grand trunk Road.

8. The Holy Bible

The Holy Bibles stands the best-selling book of all time. It holds the Guinness book of world record of being the largely sold book hitherto. This big number is a positive indication that there are so many people around us who believe in God and through God believe in humanity.

9. Nalanda University

Nalanda University had more than 2000 teachers and because of its popularity in terms of knowledge and academics, it would attract scholars from many surrounding Asian countries.

Historical evidences reflect that the University existed for about 800 years and according to the archaeologists, it was destroyed by the Turkish Invaders.

Its library was so huge that it burned for 3 months before destroying to ashes. In 2006, the then president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam propounded the idea of reviving it, as a result of which, it began its curriculum in the year 2014.

10. Avakasikal

Avakasikal written by MK Menon and published in the year 1980 holds the record of the longest running novel in India. it is divided into 4 volumes and runs through approximately 4000 pages. The author took around 10 years to complete this masterpiece.

With this fact you have reached the end of this post. It’s the time to wrap up.

I hope that you enjoyed knowing the facts written in this post. Also, I do promise you that the part II of this blog post will be out soon containing many more interesting rare facts.

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