Concise Physics

Author : R.P. Goyal, M.Sc., Ph.D.
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Best for the students who are interested in learning Physics and for class 10th. says :-
Electromagnetism, Current, Magnetic field, voltage, waves, Newton’s laws of motion are all concepts of Physics. In case you’re planning to become a scientist or work in ISRO or even NASA, a stronghold in Physics is very important. Therefore, you need to keep your concepts clear right from the beginning. Most students who dream of becoming engineers advise to read from physics books for jee advanced, however, in order to grasp what is written in such books you need to start as early as possible like I mentioned before. Concise Physics is your starting point. This book available at a crazy discount of 20% is not only a Concise physics ICSE class 10 book for students but it can also be read by those adults who, out of keen interest, want to learn and apply the concepts of Physics, those who are just starting out. So, if this post has intrigued you enough to learn about this extremely interesting from the “Concise Physics” books then just hit the contact owner button above. You may also want to check out other few related listings which include Concepts of Physics 1 as well as Concepts of Physics 2 by HC Verma.

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