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Full set of book for IIT and medical students. Very useful . says :-
To convert the aspirations for IIT JEE into reality you need the right direction combined with strong determination and hard work. Either you can give yourself the right direction by taking the approach of self-study or take outside help of one of the top IIT JEE institutes in India. Before joining any institute, you tend to do little homework on finding out which institute is the best for IIT coaching. As the country has a handful of top IIT coaching institutes so the job gets a little easier but selecting one from a few options makes you sweat literally. In this article, I will help you to decide on which IIT institute to join if you intend to join one. I am going to mention 3 most popular options which JEE aspirants talk about and also which have produced most number of IITians. The options are Resonance institute, Pace IIT institute and FIITJEE coaching institute. So, if you are in Mumbai or Thane then with closed eyes you can join the Pace coaching institute. No other institute is better than Pace when it comes to IIT coaching in Mumbai and nearby areas. The Pace IIT results especially of Mumbai branch are way better than average. The secret of their success lies in the faculty members who are mostly IITians and doctors. You will feel the pressure while studying in Pace coaching institute but do remember that Diamonds are formed when carbon stays under heavy pressure for years. They have an internal website ‘Panacea’ for students. Pace’s Panacea website offers you video lectures, and other material to keep you motivated and prepared for IIT JEE. The PACE IIT fees are always a talk of the town because it charges an amount close to 5 lakhs for its two years course. A PACE student told me that he paid 5.5 lakhs for his two years IITJEE integration course with 4.08 Lakhs for coaching and 1.42 Lakh for college and vocational subjects. Now, if you are a JEE aspirant in the Delhi NCR region then you should join the FIITJEE coaching in Delhi. The study material of FIITJEE institute is designed properly by some of the smartest IITians and the class of the faculty members in the Delhi branch is of the highest level. But, enrolling in the best institute is one thing and coping with the peer pressure is different. The good thing is that you can easily crack the pressure through hard work. Target to score well in FIITJEE mock tests and your chances of cracking the JEE exam will keep increasing. Resonance institute in Kota is by far the best of all the resonance institute branches across the country. Resonance in Kota has also the stats of producing most number of IITians in India. I consider resonance study material top-notch. The components of the study material of resonance if followed diligently will not only strengthen your concepts but will also take care of your revision. So, I am sure that now you have got some idea about which institute to choose. If you are preparing for JEE mains or NEET exam and require study material for the same then you should buy PACE IIT&MEDICAL full St of booklet. It is available at a discount of 50% only for you.

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