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Maths fear of many but if practised can give free marJs , books with 4000+ mcqs at cheapest rate possible of national coaching.

bx-zone.com says :-
I mention a few things that you need to take care of while preparing for IIT JEE mathematics apart from working hard with full dedication. First, doesn"t matter what happen never take stress more than a certain level because it will stop you from understanding the concepts. A good mind resides in a good body so make sure that you eat the right food. You can include dry fruits and milk products in your diet to stay healthy while practicing mathematics questions. Eating the right food will encourage you to think positive. Keep thinking positive even on days when you are not able to solve IIT level questions from mock tests or from IIT JEE mathematics books like ML Khanna or SK Goyal. Doing so will help you cut on the disappointment and lift your spirits to score better in the tests. Another thing to keep in mind is that you are not going to finish IIT JEE mathematics syllabus in just 12 hours or one day or even one month. Try to finish small targets each day and take small breaks to regain the strength. A good strategy is to work straight for 1.5 hours and take a break of 20 minutes then. At no point in your preparation you can afford to be over-confident. You can"t control time, time controls you so don"t put many topics for the last days otherwise you may end up messing your preparation. The IIT JEE math problems are a fun to solve if you got the gist of the concepts and you have practiced enough. To do that you need to study from a good study material of IIT JEE. Students who are preparing on their own should have a good IIT JEE mathematics book as well as good study material like Narayana study material on their study table. You need to devise a strategy to study from the combination of JEE study material and best IIT JEE mathematics book as doing so will increase your chances of scoring a good AIR. The strategy should be such that you don"t plunge deep into the topics otherwise you will lose time so strict check against the syllabus is necessary. Also, for your help I am listing a few topics for IIT JEE syllabus for mathematics which carry 70% weightage of the maths section of the JEE exam. The list of math topics is as follows – 1. Relations & functions, 2. Trigonometric Functions, 3. Complex Numbers, 4. Binomial Theorem, 5. Sequences and Series, 6. Straight lines, 7. Conic Sections, 8. Statistics, 9. Matrix and Determinants, 10. Limits, Continuity and Differentiation, 11. Derivatives, 12. Integration, 13. Vectors and 3D, 14. Differential Equation, 15. Probability and 16. Quadratic Equations.

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