Co-ordinate geometry for iit jee

Author : KC Sinha
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New condition book. Available for sale. IIT JEE Preparation.. says :-
I want to give you a simple one-line formula on how to study coordinate geometry for IIT JEE – Practice the quality questions. This is all you need to pass the coordinate geometry section of IIT JEE. When I say ‘practice’ then I want you to do a ton of coordinate geometry questions but in many books you will find questions of the same type. For example – if you find 100 questions based on the simple equation of “straight line” and if you happen to do all of them within 2 days then I would say you have wasted at least one and a half days. Why? Because in the IIT JEE mains paper there won’t be a single direct question on the basic equation of straight line but there will be heavier questions in which you may have to use the equation of the straight line. Doing maximum 10 questions on the basic equation of straight line is enough and then you should move to higher level questions. This is what I mean by “practice the quality questions”. Pay a lot of attention to the selection of quality questions from any book you pick for the preparation. While you solve the questions, you are going to encounter several formulae and points worth remembering but the mind can only remember a few so I strongly suggest that you note them down in a notebook. Creation of notes is must in two subjects when you prepare for IIT JEE – 1) Coordinate geometry 2) Organic Chemistry. Timely revision of the coordinate geometry IIT JEE notes will improve your speed and efficiency to solve the questions. Efficiency is of utmost importance when solving coordinate geometry IIT JEE questions. You will find in the initial stages that the coordinate geometry questions require a lot of steps to solve. Solving them in this way does take a lot of time and JEE mains paper is a game of time management. So, there is an alternative short and efficient way to solve the quality questions that appear in the exam. You need to adapt to solving the coordinate geometry questions using the best (short and efficient) methods that do not take much time for which you need to write them in your notes. Creation of the perfect coordinate geometry IIT JEE notes will take time so you need to remain patient. All these tips on how to study coordinate geometry for IIT JEE will be incomplete if I did not tell you the best book for IIT JEE coordinate chemistry. I will make your choice a little tougher because I have two books out of which you can choose any for the preparation – 1) SK Loney which many IIT JEE toppers suggest that you must read it 2) SK Goyal coordinate geometry – This book is also recommended by another group of toppers because if you follow along with this book then in no time you will find yourself converted from a beginner in coordinate geometry to a pro. SK Goyal book also provides you a wide variety of questions to solve that cover every aspect of the IIT JEE mains and advanced syllabus. The book Co-ordinate geometry for iit jee by KC Sinha is also good that you can refer to for easily understandable theory and questions. This book is available for you at a discount of 62% in the online used bookstore of bx-zone. To buy it, hit the button above.

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