Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE Volume 2

Author : Cengage
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New condition book. Available for sale. IIT JEE Preparation.. says :-
Organic chemistry for IIT JEE is one subject that most of the JEE aspirants have a lot of misconception about. To prepare in haste and complete the IIT JEE organic chemistry syllabus they focus on mugging up or memorizing this great subject of Organic chemistry. If you are thinking about mugging up the Organic chemistry chapters for IIT JEE let me tell you won’t get anywhere in this subject. Organic chemistry is like mathematics, you have to practice and practice to become a master in it. The person who has interest in chemistry, organic chemistry will be nothing less than a sweet dream for him/her. So, my second tip for you is that fall in love with organic chemistry as soon as possible. The first and foremost chapter that you need to study in IIT JEE organic chemistry syllabus is GOC that stands for General Organic Chemistry. Doing it has two advantages – 1) GOC has 9% weightage in the organic chemistry section and 2) Mastering GOC will bring you an understanding of reaction mechanism that is pretty important for solving organic reaction questions. After studying GOC, make sure you solve enough general organic chemistry IIT JEE questions. The 3rd tip and this is a killer one – before you begin the preparation, take a notebook and write on it organic chemistry IIT JEE notes. Believe me these notes are the real saviors when it comes to revision. Reaction mechanism and structure of compounds are the two most important parts of which IIT JEE organic chemistry questions are made of. In this notebook, write all the named reactions and their mechanisms which you practice. Going through this notebook every day for 10-15 minutes will make a huge difference over the course of your preparation. You will have to explore initially with organic reactions but if you keep practicing you will get better. The moment you think that you have got a good grip on reactions, their properties and behavior then start attempting questions that ask you to form one organic compound from another. You will find multiple ways to form chemical B from chemical A, write them down and this will give you an edge over others in organic reactions. Now, you attempt questions that ask you the reaction mechanism. You will get a ton of such problems in the best book in organic chemistry for IIT JEE is MS Chauhan. Some other awesome books that you can choose for preparation is Cengage which is available for you at a discount of 55% in the used bookstore of One more tip with which I will close this article is never ever miss on the following chapters – Basic principles of organic chemistry, Organic compound containing Nitrogen , Biomolecules, Polymer, and Compound containing Oxygen. Focus more on these chapters, if you do so then IIT JEE organic chemistry section will give a huge boost to your AIR.

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