Skills in Mathematics Coordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE Paperback

Author : Dr. S K Goyal (Author)
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he Skills in Mathematics series has been designed to help students take their knowledge and application for various mathematical concepts to a whole new level. The series aims to help equally the begi. says :-
To crack the mathematics section of the JEE mains exam, you need to excel at some high scoring topics. Out of the high scoring sections, if you choose the one which is easier to solve than others then it can really help your AIR. Coordinate geometry is one such topic from which every year approx. 6 questions appear in the IIT JEE exam. So, Ellipse, Parabola, Hyperbola and straight lines can really get you across the line if done correctly. The preparation of the coordinate geometry for IIT JEE must start from NCERT first. Make sure you read it, study it and don’t leave any question of the coordinate geometry chapters from the NCERT textbook unsolved. After you solved the coordinate geometry questions from the NCERT textbook, it’s time to look towards reference coordinate geometry books for IIT JEE. I would recommend you one book which you can buy from the used bookstore of at a discount of 60% - Skills in Mathematics Coordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE Paperback by Dr SK Goyal. Coordinate geometry by IIT JEE is one amazing book that gives you good theory on each chapter followed by questions. Coordinate Geometry IIT JEE questions are of a certain level, you can reach that level by solving questions of varying difficulty i.e. basic, intermediate and advanced. Skills in Mathematics Coordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE Paperback is the best book because it provides you all such questions to solve which will make you more confident about the JEE mains and JEE advanced exam. You will find both subjective and objective questions in this book as well as questions which appeared in the IIT JEE exam. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that Dr SK Goyal’s book has got some extra topics. These topics are out of the IIT JEE mathematics syllabus so make sure you don’t touch them unless you want to play with them. Keep a strict syllabus check while you study and prepare from this book for the coordinate geometry IIT JEE.

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