IIT JEE MATHEMATICS Previous Year Questions Chapter Wise

Author : Amit M Agarwal
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IIT JEE MATHEMATICS Previous Year Questions Chapter Wise +Untouched +Look like new one +Chapter wise and topic wise solved.

bx-zone.com says :-
A question which IIT aspirants face during the JEE mains preparation or JEE advanced preparation is ‘Shall I start doing JEE Mains previous year question papers after I complete the full JEE syllabus or shall I start solving the IIT question papers chapterwise?’ Let me tell you that solving IIT JEE solved papers is an important part of your JEE mains and advanced preparation. Your preparation plan must have a sufficient time allocated to solving the IIT JEE papers of past years. If you don’t give at least a month to solving the IIT JEE papers then you won’t be able to know the nature and pattern of the JEE questions. In your preparation strategy, you need to consider both IIT question papers chapterwise and IIT JEE previous year question papers. A friend of mine who cracked the JEE 2015 exam told me that after every topic he studied, he would do the questions from his study material of FIITJEE. After he thought he has solved a sufficient number of questions he would pick his JEE advanced chapterwise practice papers of that topic. He did it for every topic he studied. This instilled in him a lot of confidence. Finally, when he finished his entire IIT JEE syllabus he did something different. Every day he would sit in a room where he kept a bench and a table in front of it. He would ask his dad to roam in the room and act as an invigilator while he wrote the JEE question paper of any previous year. He created the ambience of the exam room and believe me, it helped him a lot. He didn’t feel anything strange when he went in to write the JEE mains exam and later the advanced one which he cleared with flying colors. If you want the IIT JEE papers of previous years regular or chapterwise then you can get them easily on bx-zone at a discount.

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