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By FIITJEE, Material contains all modules for jee advanced, all Grand Master Package with free Hints & Solutions. Along with that you also get All phase Work Book. JEE Main + Advanced Archives ( Pre. says :-
Studying in the Indian Institute of Technology is altogether a different experience, which is why, there are so many IIT JEE aspirants before the IIT JEE exam is conducted in any single year. The place in any IIT is earned through dreams, determination, studying for countless hours for more than 2 years and thus, writing and clearing the exam on the final day. Really, it is not easy. The key to study with determination is motivation; there are many sources of motivation for IIT JEE aspirants like positive affirmation, daily rewards, keeping pictures of your ideals and chanting Gayatri mantra. But motivation is a big value add to the effort, which means the effort is yours and your effort along with right motivation will determine how happy you will be on IIT JEE advanced result day. The conversion of IIT JEE aspirant to an IITian is determined by the iit jee study material he/she chooses; my suggestion when it comes to iit jee best study material is always the fiitjee study material for itt jee. This fiit jee study material for jee advanced include contains all the modules, chapter wise questions, hints and solutions and this is not it, you will also receive workbooks and iit jee previous year question papers in this package which is available at a discount of 88% in the city of Kota. It is always recommend to choose not more than 2 books to study the concepts asked in iit jee advanced exam, as using more than 2 books will definitely lead to confusion. It’s the same case with the study material, go for the iit jee study material only of one reputed institute and avoid referring to those of multiple, and clearly FIIT JEE institute dominates the game here. All the best for your exam !

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