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Complete FIITJEE STUDY MATERIAL 2014-16 version for sale The package contains:over 66 booklets1FIITJEE ARCHIVE(last 32 years chapterwise quuestions says :-
My friend’s nephew told me an anecdote from the FIITJEE coaching in Delhi. He enrolled in the FIITJEE Delhi main branch in their IIT JEE program. Days later after the first class of Physics began, students in a fit of enthusiasm started bringing questions to the faculty members. The FIITJEE Delhi faculty is considered to be the wisest and the nicest across its branches in India so, they took no trouble in solving the doubts of the students. Soon, they realized that students were bringing in questions from 10 different books for IIT JEE. One of the faculties asked a student – ‘Have you solved the questions of this chapter from the FIITJEE study material?’ The chapter was Electricity and Magnetism. That student replied – ‘Yes sir, I solved the questions of 2 sub-topics and then went to see more questions from some of the best books for IIT JEE preparation. I found that I have got various doubts.’ To this faculty member said – ‘you have doubts because you didn’t solve the questions given in the fiitjee study material thoroughly. There are questions of various levels in this IIT JEE study material. This FIITJEE IIT study material has been designed by some of the smartest individuals of this field. You have no reason to doubt this compilation. Distraction is your main enemy. I won’t stop you from going to other books, but switch to other books only when you have solved this study material of IIT JEE twice.’ I am sure you have also got the point I am trying to make through this anecdote. You can always switch to other books but do that after you have strong foundation in place. If you are not able to solve the IIT level questions given in the study material of FIITJEE, there is no use of switching to other books. It is a big distraction and you cannot afford distraction especially in your IIT JEE preparation. I would recommend you solve the entire study material twice or thrice and then pick up other books for IIT JEE preparation. The only books I would recommend you to study along with completing the FIITJEE coaching material is NCERT textbooks for class 12 and class 11. All the toppers and the institutes say that around 70% of the IIT JEE mains paper can be solved if you have read the NCERT textbooks thoroughly.

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