The IIT Foundation Series Physics Second Edition

Author : Trishna
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-Physics book for Class 10 -Competitive level. -helpful in preparing fr IIT -covers the syllabus of Ncert too :). says :-
Strength lies in the foundation. If I had to start over with my JEE mains preparation then I would start earlier than usual. I would start with an IIT foundation study material. I will buy an IIT foundation for class 10 and with my NCERT textbooks for class 10, I would start solving it too. The IIT foundation course helps you build the basics right. The issue is that when you enter and pick up the NCERT textbooks of class 11, 80% of the things seem alien. The concepts of physics are new and complex like waves, fluid mechanics, advanced magnetism, electricity etc. Understanding them becomes a hard nut to crack when your basics are not right. Studying the IIT foundation course prepares you for these new concepts of mathematics and physics. Once you prepare in advance in class 10 itself, you will be able to absorb the complex topics of chapters like waves, heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics. You will be able to solve the numericals quickly. You will find the life way easier in the IIT JEE mock test papers too. The bottom line is that preparation of IIT JEE in advance is going to help you do the preparation with little to no pressure because of the benefits I mentioned above. You only have to decide if you want to start with the IIT foundation course to build the basics or are you prepared to jump directly to the IIT JEE study material of mains and advance. In case, you want to buy the IIT foundation books at a discount then you only need to search it on and hit a button.

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