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The Combo pack fiitjee class 9 packages all phases book is a must read for you if you’re even a fraction serious about starting something of your own be it a start-up or even a small shop. I can’t provide zero to one summary in just one line but I can really tell you that this book stimulates you to not being a copy-cat or indulge in the concept of ‘globalization’ rather think something out-of-the-box. Now, thinking out-of-the-box is not easy but with patience and consistent expansion of your thinking your mind would start receiving a torrent of ideas. I can’t praise enough about Zero to one by Peter Thiel because it includes certain principles and insights from the author’s own experience which breaks every glass ceiling with each page. I highly recommend you to read this book not once but twice or thrice, why I am telling you to do it is because by the third time your mind will open enough to absorb the content of this book properly and I bet your engines will be supercharged after that. From zero to one, the title does complete justice to the book’s content and this itself points towards the out-of-the-box thinking I am talking about. The book is worth a thousand times more than its price but with a discount of 88% I will leave the further calculation up to you., of course, has more copies of this book on sale in cities like Mumbai and New Delhi & many more.

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