chapter wise - topicwise solved papers 2015-1979. Iit jee(Jee main and advanced) physics.

Author : Dc. Pandey
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I cannot stress enough on doing the previous years papers of IIT JEE. You can solve the HC Verma Vol1 and Vol2, you can solve ML Khanna for IIT JEE mathematics and you can solve MS Chauhan for IIT JEE organic chemistry but if you don’t do the IIT JEE previous year papers on top of them then your AIR might not be as high as you expect. I don’t want to discourage you but you may not be able to clear the JEE mains exam. However, if you choose to complete these books/ IIT JEE syllabus early with two to three months in hand before the JEE mains exam and you do the IIT JEE solved papers diligently with proper revision then your AIR will boost and it might break through the ceiling. Once you have cracked the IIT JEE mains exam then I am sure you will leave no stones unturned in the IIT JEE advanced exam preparation but I suggest that you also solve IIT JEE advanced previous years papers at the end of each day of the preparation. If your style of preparation is such that you do not want to leave solving the JEE previous year papers in the end then you can choose to solve the IIT JEE chapterwise papers of previous years. These do contain previous year questions of IIT JEE but they are sorted chapterwise for you such that you can pick them up after you have completed studying a particular topic and have done questions at the back. chapter wise - topicwise solved papers 2015-1979. Iit jee(Jee main and advanced) physics. are available for you in the online second hand bookstore of at a discount of 52%.They have not been used much and thus they are almost brand-new. Doing the previous year IIT JEE papers has three advantages – 1) you get to assess your speed that gives you control on time management as in how much time you should dedicate to questions of each topic of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 2) You know the marks distribution – knowing the weightage of each chapter is a different thing and encountering the same in the mains paper is different. Previous year papers help you learn questions of exactly what nature appears from each of the chapters in the exam and the marks they carry. 3) Familiarity with the exam pattern – This is the key advantage of doing the JEE previous year papers. Lots of students lose their momentum on the exam day because their confidence sinks to the bottom, reason being unfamiliarity with the IIT JEE exam pattern. Even after you do the papers you will feel nervous on the exam day but the moment you see the question paper, your fear will vanish because you would have solved papers of the same pattern & similar questions multiple times during your preparation.

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