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New condition book. Available for sale. IIT JEE Preparation.. says :-
In the 5th century CE, trigonometry came into our lives. Aryabhata the mathematician introduced trigonometry to the world. I consider him as the father of mathematics. All the advanced concepts that we study in mathematics today have been given to us by Aryabhata. Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with the relationship between the lengths of sides and the angles of triangle. There six functions of the angle – sine, cosine, tan, cotangent, sec, and cosec. Trigonometry for IIT JEE is easy to learn and easy to score. Like Calculus for IIT JEE is fun to solve so is trigonometry for IIT JEE. First, you need to solve all the trigonometry questions from your NCERT mathematics textbook class 12 and class 11. You can solve the questions even by peeking at the formulas. Then it's time to memorize the trigonometry formulas. You can mug up the sine table or if you focus at the formulas each time you solve a question then you will find yourself remembering them. You can then pick up the the mathematics for IIT JEE by ML Khanna or Trigonometry for iit jee book by Cengage for further practice. These books will throw at you problem of varying difficulty. Set up a target to solve 2000-3000 problems from these books in total. Once you achieve this target, you will be literally ready to face the trigonometry IIT JEE questions. You will solve them like a piece of cake. Do remember to solve the mock tests and the previous year IIT JEE questions of Trigonometry to know well the pattern and the nature of questions. You must memorize all trigonometry formulas for IIT JEE before you pick these papers to solve. You need to be honest that while you solve these papers you don't peek at any. Trigonometry can easily take you ahead of many candidates in the JEE mains exam and it's easy to score too. If you are seeking to buy any trigonometry book for IIT JEE then you can buy it at a discount from the website bx-zone.

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