Mechanics part 2 iit jee

Author : D. C.Pandey
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Very good condition useful for iit jee main and advanced . says :-
Hey there, I consider you are reading this blog because you are looking to buy the best book for mechanics IIT JEE. Believe me Mechanics part 2 iit jee by DC Pandey is one such book that will help you prepare well in mechanics for IIT JEE. The best part is that it is available for you on sale at a discount of 32%. The Mechanics IIT JEE topics are really interesting to learn and implement while solving numerical problems. The topics include Kinematics, Newtons Laws of motion, conservation of momentum, Work Energy and power, Gravitation, Fluid mechanics, and Thermal Physics. If you dream of becoming a mechanical engineer or an aeronautical engineer then pay special attention to the mechanics IIT JEE questions. I have heard that future mechanical engineers and rocket scientists are good at Newton’s laws of motio, Gravitation and fluid mechanics. The right strategy to prepare Mechanics for IIT JEE is to solve HC Verma and DC Pandey fully as soon as possible. The good part is that you don’t have to remember anything in mechanics as you prepare because everything is concept based. If you understand the fluid mechanics concepts fully then you will easily solve the numerical problems. After that pick up the JEE previous year question papers and start solving the mechanics questions. When you solve the fluid mechanics questions then note them down in the separate fluid mechanics IIT JEE notes (make separate notes for each topic) because they will help you during revision. Completing books HC Verma and DC Pandey will give you an edge over others. You can gauge your progress in mechanics in Physics while solving numerical problems. If you understand mechanics concepts properly then you will be able to solve the numerical problems easily. At least you will be able to approach towards the solution of the problems. It is not as difficult as it looks once you have the right strategy in place.

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