An Unsuitable Boy

Author : Poonam Saxena
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Bengaluru Biography
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If you are a movie buff who is curious to know the inside-out of the life of movie stars then I am sure you are interested in reading magazines like Filmfare and Vogue. While these magazines provide a lot of scoop on the life of movie stars and Bollywood but you can catch up more on the events happened in the life of the Bollywood celebrities by going through their autobiographies. Releasing autobiographies has become a recent trend in the Hindi film industry. Late Rishi Kapoor released his biography titled ‘Khullam Khulla’ in the year 2017. Along with the ups and downs of his life, he mentioned a few events which were lesser known to people. Reading such events and the content in such books is nothing less than entertainment. Along with Khullam Khulla was released the biography of Karan Johar. First of all, I would like to admire his frankness in the book. He completely opened up in the book. Karan Johar biography details all the events occurred in the life of this popular producer-director from his childhood to the adult life. When you are going to read ‘An unsuitable boy’ by Karan Johar you will find the narrative quite emotional. If you have been a lonely boy or girl throughout your childhood and have been bullied in school or in playground you are surely going to connect with the childhood of Karan Johar. Karan Johar biography book brings with itself an entire chapter on Shahrukh Khan. We all know that they share a close friendship, in this chapter, he has thrown light on his relation with Shahrukh Khan. You will for sure know what place Shahrukh Khan holds in the life of Karan Johar. The incident where Karan Johar runs away from his school and is then held by guards only to be punished in the morning assembly is the one which most boys can relate to. Come on! It happens in the life of every backbencher. An unsuitable boy focuses on the struggles that Karan Johar had to go through be it in his childhood or after his father’s death when the business responsibility came on to his shoulders being the only son of Yash Johar and Hiroo Johar. An unsuitable boy holds a rating of 3.5/5 on Goodreads and I would say at a discount of 48% only on bx-zone it is worth reading. To buy it, just hit the contact owner button above.

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