Vogue India - Oct 2014

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For the fashion enthusiasts and design students searching for previous issues of Vogue The Vogue India-Oct 2014.

bx-zone.com says :-
Fashion and students can’t be separated; it’s the fire of youth which always stimulates young boys and girls to adapt latest fashion trends in what they wear such that they can look distinct and good. As per me, there is nothing wrong in it. A well-dressed boy or girl creates an amazing impression even before you know anything of their personality. The soft skills matter and fashion among students to create good looks has a role to play in it. Someone complementing you ‘looking good’ is always a source of happiness for you. Well, but fashion doesn’t emerge on its own in you. If you’re interested in fashion then reading about it from the right source is very important to develop an amazing taste in it. I consider fashion magazine pages as one of the hot sources from which you can learn fashion. While passing by a book shop, your eyes always get attracted towards fashion magazine covers because you find the model in them so beautifully dressed that you can’t simply resist looking at them. Even, many photoshop gurus instruct their students to keep looking at fashion magazine cover design and their pages to get ideas for dress design or any other assignment they work on. But there are so many fashion magazines available on sale in India, which fashion magazine is the best? Only one name comes to my mind – ‘Vogue India’. Whenever, my eyes turn towards any fashion magazines covers, there is always vogue sitting in the stand, compelling me to flip it open in order to check it out. If you’re a fashion student then you must be knowing the importance of Vogue India covers and its content, you must be knowing that people even become ready to pay as much as possible for old editions of Vogue as they serve greater benefit when it comes to completing their assignments. But, paying high is never the case for any book when you’re in the used bookstore of bx-zone, here the bookseller is offering you one of the best deals on Vogue India – Oct 2014 edition at a discount of 66%. So, if you’re a fashion student or searching for your next wear in your friend’s wedding then you should hit the ‘contact owner’ button now.

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