The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Author : Alex Haley
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good read, inspiring book.Fascinating story of a black man good condition. . says :-
One day while reviewing few second hand books of the used bookstore, I came across this book – The autobiography of Malcolm X. Even though I watched the movie of the same name starring Denzel Washington once, the book caught my attention more. So, who is Malcolm X? As per me, Malcolm X was an African American, who after having a troubled childhood in which his father was killed and his mother got hospitalized out of shock, took to the movement of black liberation. Extending this short bio on Malcolm X and answering the question of where did Malcolm X grew up? As this is often confused with Nebraska, so, Malcolm was born in Omaha Nebraska but his family relocated to Lansing, Michigan where he spent his growing years. It is this place where his father was killed in a so called street-accident and things for his family began unsettling. Now, you would ask why is Malcolm X famous? What Malcolm X did? Malcolm X got into illegal activities, was caught and sent to prison. He then joined the Nation of Islam, an organization which worked for the uplifting of African Americans, their social, economic, and spiritual condition. Malcolm X pursued for racial justice, he became a celebrated figure among the community and gradually his ideology started conflicting with civil rights movement demonstrating non-violence as well as the ‘Nations of Islam’. It is widely believed that these contradicting beliefs with the ‘Nations of Islam’ was the main reason why Malcolm X was assassinated. Even though he promoted racism through violence but because of his work towards the rights of the black, Malcolm X was posthumously honored with Malcolm X day which is celebrated as a holiday in few states. This was a short bio on Malcolm X and I am sure you liked it. If you’re intrigued to buy the autobiography of Malcolm X then hit the ‘contact owner’ button above.

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