Money: Master the Game

Author : Tony Robbins
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‘Money master the game’ price is always lower in comparison to the invaluable information and incredible practices it supplies to its readers. Tony Robbins, the author of this amazing book brings to goes and interacts with 50+ financial legends of the world, gather information, does some more extensive research and writes everything in this incredible book Money master the game, dividing the priceless content into 7 steps. If you’re wondering who are these 50 financial experts whose one-on-one interviews are portrayed in this book then you will be amazed to know that these include names like Steve Forbes, Carl Icahn as well as ‘The Great Warren Buffet’. Delivering key financial concepts is not an easy task because some of those are so complex that the first-time-finance-book readers may not get anything but Tony Robbins through his metaphorical and story-telling approach does a brilliant job in explaining some important financial concepts to his readers. The best part is that in Money: Master the Game he explains people of every income level those 7 steps which, if followed properly can take them to the ultimate and sweet destination of financial freedom. Available at a discount of 56% only on your own