Author : Dan Brown
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It's the fifth and the final installment featuring Robert Langdon. There is no remarkable connection between the previous versions. Dan Brown books need no explanations. Thrilling like it hasalwaysbeen..

bx-zone.com says :-
Dan Brown’s Origin was released in 2017 and within a couple of months, a user of bx-zone.com uploaded it for sale in the used books store. Since then, many users have uploaded Origin in the book store of bx-zone. This is the 5th novel in the Robert Langdon series, the protagonist of the da Vinci code, angels and demons, as well as Inferno, a university professor equipped in symbols, history, ancient sculptures and monuments. Origin is another novel by Dan Brown set in Europe, this time in Spain. Read it because it is available at a discount of 54% in the city of Mumbai only on bx-zone.com

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