Life and Death in one breath

Author : Sadhguru
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Mumbai Religion & Spirituality
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This book talks about that how life and death are two sides of the same coin... they are inseparable. says :-
Religion and spirituality in India are considered to be a means to liberate ourselves from the predicaments and deadlocks of life we always find ourselves in. The importance of religion and spirituality has started percolating to the wide west and the evidence is that most of the students in the Yoga institutes of Rishikesh - which is also known as the Yoga capital of the world – are from the West countries. Reading religion and spirituality books will always help you in your problems only if you read them with open heart. The religion and spirituality books will not provide you the solution of your problems but they will deliver the right motivation to your mind and breath such that you gear up to face and beat your problems to the ground. If you dive further in the effort to enlighten your soul then you will Yoga books on your way; once read and practiced they will help you gain control of your life and body. Now, the question arises which yoga books to pick? My suggestion to you is start with Sadhguru books on Yoga;If you don’t know who is Sadhguru? Then let me tell you that Sadhguru is quite a famous name in the world of Yoga. He is a yoga guru in India and is also an author. He established the Isha foundation in Coimbatore, which runs a yoga centre, teaching Yoga to hundreds of thousands of people. Sadhguru was awarded Padma Vibushan in 2017 and has written few New York times bestsellers too. ‘Life and Death in One Breath’ is one of the best spiritual books which throws light on relinquishing the fear of death by expanding its original meaning. It states that life and death are two phases of the same coin and are inseparable. If you have read ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ then reading Life and Death in one breath will definitely add to your curiosity and knowledge. The message about death in Gita is further explained beautifully in this book which is available at a discount of 30% in the city of Mumbai on

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