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Grow your objective skills by solving 14 years of IIT-JEE examination papers..

bx-zone.com says :-
IIT JEE solved papers is a key to success in IIT JEE Mains exam but it should be done after you are thorough with the concepts of all three subjects math, chemistry and physics. A lot of up to date solved papers are available in the used bookstore of bx-zone.com, you will find IIT JEE mains 10 years solved papers as well as IIT JEE chapterwise questions. A friend of mine wrote IIT JEE 2 years and he cleared it in the second attempt, got the branch of chemical engineering which he needed and is now working in a reputed company in the field of biotech. He once told me that in the first attempt, especially in chemistry he just did the solved papers after studying just few topics, even though papers gave him a little confidence but the one required to clear the iit jee exam was not there with him and he felt that was the burning reason of him not able to clear the exam that year. In the next year, he first cleared all the concepts, studied from the ncert book of chemistry class 12, then he studied all the reference books of chemistry, solved the dpp for iit jee (iit jee test papers) and then in the end came to iit jee previous years question papers. The confidence, this entire process of learning gave him was par perfect, it broke through the ceiling. He did crack the IIT JEE exam that time. The moral of the entire story is that refer to the jee mains solved papers after you have finished all the JEE books, however, you can buy them just now from this listing of bx-zone.com at a grand discount of 26% if you’re a resident of Kanpur. If you don’t live in Kanpur then you can buy and gift them to someone who really needs them.

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