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FIITJEE GMP Chemistry is a MUST BOOK for JEE Advanced. says :-
When it comes to IIT JEE preparation, there is one category of students who are confident that they will clear the JEE advanced exam. All they worry about is boosting their AIRs. This class of students finishes the NCERT textbooks within a couple of months, then they finish the IIT JEE study material quickly and finally, they do the JEE previous year question papers. They finish all these steps of IIT JEE preparation faster than others and their next goal becomes to boost their AIR. At this point of time, they seek study material that can help them to prepare for those IIT JEE advanced questions which only they can solve on the exam day. This gives them a competitive advantage over others candidates and thus, results in better AIR. This is where FIITJEE GMP comes into picture. But, what is FIITJEE GMP? FIITJEE grand master package is the study material provided by FIITJEE in the advanced phases of its classroom program. The FIITJEE grand master package provides you questions of physics, chemistry and mathematics which are usually tougher than those asked in the JEE advanced examination. The difficulty level of questions provided in the grand master package of FIITJEE is such that the level of difficulty of the IIT questions of JEE advanced exam will seem a piece of cake to you. When you prepare the questions much tougher than those asked in the JEE advanced exam then not only the chances of cracking the exam increases but your AIR gets booster as well. The FIITJEE GMP also prepares you for a tougher JEE advanced exam because, you never know, the IITs can choose to set the toughest paper in the history for your batch only. The pattern of the questions given in the grand master package of FIIT JEE is same as the questions asked in the JEE advanced exam but like I have told you multiple times the difficulty level is much higher. ‘When you are going to aim for the stars you will surely land on the moon" – the purpose of FIITJEE GMP is totally analogous with this proverb. This material is obviously available to the students enrolled in FIITJEE but when you want to buy it while doing self-study then the online used bookstore of is your best source. The FIITJEE GMP price is too low on, you can check it out yourself in this listing. The bookseller is giving his FIITJEE (GMP) - CHEMISTRY away at a discount of 72%. For a student who is seeking to get a beautiful AIR in the IIT JEE this deal is the best.

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