A girl with dragon tattoo

Author : Larsson
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Thriller set of all books in the series. In good condition..

bx-zone.com says :-
If I made a list of the best psychological thriller books of this century then A girl with dragon tattoo will definitely appear in it. A good psychological thriller novel does the task of sending chills down your spine. ‘A girl with the dragon tattoo’ does this correctly. Only few stories hook you till the end of the book. A voracious reader realizes that the flow of story in psychological thriller novels is everything. This is where ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo book’ flows like a river and keeps you hooked till the last page. I clearly consider it as a book for beginner readers because if you’re developing a reading hobby you need more help from the book than you. This is where ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’ does an extraordinary job. The story revolves around a magazine publisher who loses a case to a billionaire. He has to pay hefty sum of money as a part of the fine. Then one industrialist offers him the evidence he needs against the billionaire to prove him wrong. The industrialist demands in exchange the publisher’s help to find his grandniece who mysteriously disappeared from a bridge which connects their town to the mainland. A girl who is a computer hacker and a rape survivor comes to the aid of the publisher. She is the protagonist and the girl who has a dragon tattoo. This amazing psychological thriller book is available for you at a grand discount of 66% only in the used bookstore of bx-zone.com

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