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Cbse archives for physics, chemistry and math for students appearing in class 12 board exams. A must have for anyone preparing for boards. In almost new condition. says :-
CBSE class 12 is not be taken for granted. For sure, the deviation happens when the ambition is to clear the JEE Advanced exam but equal amount of attention and equal amount of hard work needs to be directed towards the CBSE exam of class 12. However, they say that the CBSE syllabus of class 12 coincides with that of the IIT JEE syllabus but still there are questions asked in the board exam which need specific attention. Therefore, all the wise faculties from the best institutes for IIT JEE advise to refer to the cbse books of class 12 first, complete studying them and then move to the IIT JEE study material of a carefully chosen institute. Now, if a thought comes in your head – ‘where is a cbse book store near me?’ then do not worry, you are actually reading this short blog in a cbse bookstore. All you got to do is search the books you need in the used bookstore and the related second hand books available at great discounts will appear. In fact, CBSE books of other classes are available in bulk at smashing discounts here in the used bookstore. Well, often you require question banks and other supportive material apart from the cbse board books of class 12 for better understanding, however, there are some top iit jee institutes in India which provide CBSE archives which act as supplements to your class 12 exam preparation. FIIT JEE is one such institute of which CBSE archives are often recommended by the students. The FIIT JEE CBSE archives are very helpful for the students appearing for class 12 board exams and once properly read and studied apart from the NCERT books, they can really help you score big. You can buy them at a discount of 39% and do remember as a used bookstore which makes cbse books online buy much easier.

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