Consumer behaviour

Author : Leon G. Schiffman
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For all the students doing MBA in marketing or pursuing a course in digital marketing, this book Consumer behaviour is a must read. Companies are spending millions and millions of dollars in order to gather, analyze and understand the consumer behavior patterns which provides a big evidence to the question of why consumer behavior is important. Those of you who don’t know what’s consumer behavior then let me tell you it is a study to analyze the emotions, preferences and choices that the consumers go through before or while making a purchase. The consumer behavior definition does include processing and analyzing the online navigation of the potential consumers as well as the original consumers, gather the data and based on it do the predictive analysis such that business management can take the decisions of merging the right products as well as the products, which could potentially be bought, with the consumer's regular navigation pattern. Consumer behavior in marketing is of paramount importance and with the evolution of technology it's importance has increased exponentially. Read all about it from this book which is available at a cool discount of 37% in the used bookstore of

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