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In best condition.There are 9 packages. Contact number 9893193116. says :-
If you think you have got the style of a tortoise then it’s better to start early. When you start the preparation for IIT JEE from class 11, you should have some foundation set-up for yourself. The foundation will make your preparation easier and you will start seeing results in the mock tests conducted by the coaching class in which you have enrolled. To set-up this foundation, you should start from class 9. I recommend you to buy some class 9 IIT foundation books and start doing class 9 IIT questions. In class 9, physics and chemistry are not much advanced, you may face problems in understanding some advanced concepts of electricity and magnetism, organic chemistry, carbon related compounds etc but if you study from the right IIT foundation class 9 science study material then you won’t face the heat of such advanced concepts. I won’t recommend a class 9 student to enroll in a specific IIT JEE class 9 coaching, but I definitely recommend him/her to get their hands on some of the best books for class 9 IIT foundation. By popularity PEARSON IIT foundation class 9 solutions is the right course in order to do IIT preparation for class 9. Another institute which is good and is on par with Pearson is FIIT JEE. A good institute’s class 9 study material should provide you the right IIT questions for class 9. The goal is to build the foundation and only a right class 9 IIT foundation material can provide you the study material and questions of that level. FIIT JEE does a nice job in its class room package for class 9. I have recommended that you do a self-study by getting your hands on the study material but you are going to ask –‘Hey, where am I going to find the class 9 IIT foundation material of FIIT JEE?’ The answer is You are going to find it at a grand discount. You can see the discount on this book listing which is what you are searching for. To buy it, hit the ‘contact owner’ button now.

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