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All books of fiitjee class 9 PHASE-1.IN BEST CONDITION. CONTACT NUMBER 9893193116.. says :-
If you find yourself as an average student who is determined to secure an IIT seat then you are not an average kid. Maybe you are an average student when it comes to physics, chemistry and mathematics but as a person you are not because you dare to dream. When you have tagged a label of ‘average’ on yourself in terms of physics, mathematics and chemistry then you need to start early. Better that you start in class 9 because if you start in class 11 then you will have no time to waste. The pressure keeps mounting every day if you don’t grasp concepts quickly and in the end, everything falls apart on the day of the JEE mains exam. A lot of students then think that if they had more time like a year or two then they would have done better. You can thus start your IIT JEE preparation in class 9 in two ways – either enroll in FIITJEE for class 9 or simply buy the FIITJEE class 9 study material at a discount of 88% from the used bookstore of Enrolling in FIITJEE for class 9 has its own pros and cons but, when I ask you to start early it is because I want you to develop a good base. This is because when you encounter the chapters from the IIT JEE exam syllabus in class 11, the difference between your understanding of the concepts and the understanding of your classmates will be huge. This is the biggest advantage of starting early. I am not discouraging you but I have heard the feedback of students who joined coaching classes in class 9. One of the students told me that after school the life became a nightmare for him in class 9. 3-4 hours of IIT JEE coaching literally sucked the juice out of the life which put the preparation in the reverse gear. One student told me that the faculties in class 9 teach only a few concepts related to IIT JEE syllabus. So, you get to touch the outline of the syllabus that’s it. Mostly, in the FIITJEE classroom program of class 9 they prepare you for examinations such as NTSE (National Talent Search Examination). I believe if you are determined then you can do this preparation yourself if you have the FIITJEE classroom study package of class 9. The classes run for 4 hours but if you dedicate 3 hours of self-study to this study material then you will for sure clear NTSE to secure a scholarship, that is how confident I am. This FIITJEE class 9 study material will also help you build the foundation of the IIT JEE concepts which will reflect in your AIR once you clear the IIT JEE advanced exam.

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