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Book is for jee as well as other engineering entrance examination..

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IIT JEE mathematics is tough to crack but the good news is that since several students have cracked it in the past so can you. All you need to do is study from the best book for IIT JEE mathematics. However, a question that looms here is which is the best mathematics book for IIT JEE preparation? Students are often confused when the game of choice is ML Khanna vs RD Sharma. In this article, I will help you clear this confusion and will give you a well-defined process so that you can prepare for IIT JEE mathematics in the best possible way. Since, exam#1 is JEE mains hence I want to start with the weightage of different topics of IIT mathematics syllabus. This will give you an idea where you need to work the most and where you need to put regular efforts. The topic wise breakage of IIT JEE mathematics is quadratic equations, complex numbers constitute (6%), Matrix & determinant (7%), Statistics & mathematical reasoning ( 7%), Sequence & series (7%), Trigonometry (7%), Coordinate Geometry (17%), Vector & 3D (10%), Integral calculus (13%), Binomial theorem, permutations & combinations, probability (13%) and differential calculus (13%). So, now you have an idea about the weightage of the topics. Let"s talk about the battle of books – RD Sharma vs ML Khanna. Now, assuming that you are starting off with the preparation of IIT JEE mathematics and you have got more than 8 months in your hand before you write the JEE mains exam then you need strong clarity of concepts. Here, I suggest you begin with RD Sharma mathematics. The RD Sharma book provides quality theory underlying the topics of the IIT JEE mathematics syllabus as well as a lot of questions on each topic to build the basics right. I suggest you to finish this book within a span of 1 month and you can only do it by solving quality questions of each topic rather than going into each question which will lead to wastage of time. Now, you need to up your game and move to the math questions of next difficulty level, at this stage buy IIT JEE mathematics by ml Khanna. Many students at this point would ask how is ML Khanna for IIT JEE ? Let me tell you IIT math by ML Khanna is and has been the best book for IIT Mathematics since ages. Why the ML Khanna mathematics book is a popular choice among students because this book gives you questions of varying difficulty to solve. The more you are challenged as a JEE aspirants in math questions, the better your chances of securing a good AIR. An IIT JEE aspirant can"t afford to not study from ML Khanna IIT mathematics book. You can practice some mind boggling IIT level questions, challenging your understanding of the concepts, from this book. The good part is that unlike RD Sharma, you can go on a solving spree and target to finish all questions given in the Maths book by ML Khanna because it won"t lead to any time wastage rather it will drastically increase your chances of cracking IIT JEE. I would suggest that if your understanding of the concepts of topics like quadratic equations, trigonometry, differential calculus, maxima & minima, straight lines is good then you can skip the RD Sharma book as well. To buy IIT MATHEMATICS by ML Khanna at a big discount of 51% hit the ‘contact owner" button above. Believe me, you can save a lot of money on this deal.

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