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Full fiitjee material for IIT JEE Advance for one year course with Achieve having last 30 years question papers. . says :-
Effective preparation of IIT JEE advanced exam that converts into an IIT seat requires a highly effective time-management. You first have to be a good manager of your own self before you become an engineer. To complete the IIT advanced syllabus your timetable plus preparation strategy needs to be balanced. Before you design the IIT advanced strategy, you should evaluate your goals, strengths and weaknesses. I recommend you to divide your day focusing equally on strengths and weaknesses. If organic chemistry is your weakness then you need to make sure that you dedicate enough time to solving quality questions of reactions, memorizing basic reactions, and read theory. Better will be that you don’t pick up subjects of your weakness after having lunch or dinner else you will succumb to sleep. Believe me, you would feel losing a battle the next day. It is advisable to wake up at 5 am in the morning and make a habit of sitting on the chair to study by 5:30 am. Mornings are quiet, full of energy so you can read theory and solve questions of organic chemistry by 7:30 – 8 am. The point is in mornings you can give time to your weaknesses. Before you sleep and close the books for the day you need a sense of accomplishment. Two hours before you wrap up for the day, solve high quality questions of JEE advanced from your IIT study material. If you are preparing for IIT JEE advanced paper on your own then FIITJEE study material will be a good choice for you. FIITJEE is good for IIT. An important tip is to keep the IIT advanced cut off in mind throughout your IIT JEE preparation. For your information, the IIT advanced cut off 2020 is 62 (minimum aggregate marks GEN-AWS list) .When you write IIT JEE mock tests or solve the previous year question papers of IIT advanced, you need to evaluate your performance and check if it is crossing the cut off marks or not. I highly recommend that you try to finish the FIITJEE study material for IITJEE as early as possible in the academic year because this will give you enough time to revise. You can solve FIITJEE grand master package then or indulge in solving 37 years previous year question papers of IIT advanced to increase your confidence. In your day, you should give yourself enough breaks to pull the momentum up or else you won’t be able to last long and start feeling drained out. Your timetable should give you a relaxation slot in which you can include ad-hoc questions or topics. There should be leeway to exclude a few topics or theory portion from your daily schedule as sometimes you must give yourself a treat for working so hard. You can buy FIITJEE material for IIT Advanced preparation at a discount of 75% from here and if you want to browse more FIITJEE study material for IIT JEE, see if they are available at a bigger discount then I advise you to explore the used bookstore.

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