M.E.G-2 British Drama New Edition

Author : Dr. V.B.Singh & S.B. Sharma
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Completely new book, not used... Masters in English, 1st year. Any one interested can buy..

bx-zone.com says :-
Gone are the days when Masters in arts was considered as a par excellence post-graduation course. With time, masters in arts education has become a lost art. When I was in 6th grade, my English teacher who pursued masters in English literature and was a proud gold medalist told me the quantum of respect with which a masters in English graduate is treated in the society. Such a graduate is compared to the famous writers and poets. People would call them, ‘The Shakespeare of the neighborhood’. In this dry humor is hidden the fact that people in Indian society believed that MA graduates are comparable to writers and editors. They even believed that they would end up either writing a book or working as a chief editor in a famous newspaper. But, fast changing life faded the value of Masters in arts education. Every parent wants their children to make more money. A common mindset is prevalent that MA graduates don’t earn as much money as engineers and doctors. The worst of this is that anyone who is not good at studies pursue MA. The importance of Masters in English literature faded recently but in the times coming, I think, it is going to rise again. I see more and more people writing books and publishing them on Amazon. This means that there are writers hidden within people who – by some external force – pursue graduation courses they never wanted to. The book readers always revere Shakespeare. William Shakespeare revolutionized British Drama. Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, Othello etc. were adapted centuries back and are still found in the foundation of many movies. For any arts graduate, education is incomplete without British Drama. They teach British Drama in ‘Masters in English graduation course’ so that students take inspiration from various great works done previously by some popular authors. In the , chapters like Hamlet, Ben Johnson : The Alchemist, Bernard Shaw Pygmalion and John Osborne : Look in Anger put in front some of the best works from the field of arts. If you’re pursuing MA in English then you must enjoy reading this book. In case you need to buy it, then we have it for you at a discount of 57%. Let me tell you that the condition of this book is brand new and is barely used by the bookseller. To buy this book hit the ‘contact owner’ button now.

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