My experiments with truth-Gandhi

Author : Mahatma Gandhi
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A great read by our beloved Bapu himself about his own life, his struggles as a person and as a nationalist..... says :-
My experiments with truth is the autobiography of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. All the people who are interested in knowing the background of this hugely famous leader must have this book in their bookshelf. The freedom fighter who shook the British to move out of India always made non-violence as his weapon and inspired countless Indians to resort to same. He wrote ‘My experiments of Truth’ between the years 1925 and 1929 at the insistence of his co-workers and one particular Swami Anand. The story of my experiments with truth comprises of various events happened in the life of Mahatma Gandhi such as his marriage as a child with Kasturbai, his life in South Africa, the humiliation he faced in Pietermaritzburg, his study period in London, relation of M K Gandhi with his parents etc. My experiments with truth-Gandhi is considered as one of the 100 most spiritual books of the 20th century, in which M K Gandhi himself has given his spiritual experiences and the experiments he did on himself in pursuit of truth. The account given in the book is till the year 1921 and some of the installments of the book has been written by Gandhi while he was in the Yerawada Jail. This book is available for sale in the used bookstore at a discount of 48% in the city of New Delhi; if have you got a deep interest in history then the story of my experiments with truth will intrigue for sure.

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