Exciting Maths Games (HINDI)

Author : Sandeep Kumar
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Hundred games and hundred solution tricks. Enough to make people involve around us..

bx-zone.com says :-
‘Math is games’ – my math teacher of primary grade told me since she sensed my dread towards the subject. I still remember having a difficult time with multiplication and division as I lacked the ability to visualize both these genuine maths processes. I felt inferior in comparison to other classmates when I saw them solving the maths multiplication problems. Well, I later found that majority just mugged up the answers and did it in the exam which was wrong. My Teacher was nice enough to give me a book which was on Math games, and it really helped me visualize the multiplication as well as division. I still buy books on Math games and give my mind exercises as I really believe that math is games. If you’re good at maths then you’ll have fun with math games because you’ll enjoy solving the problems, however, don’t get discouraged if you’re not good at maths because math games is going to help you get better because you have got a brilliant mind just need the right resource. This book Exciting Maths Games (HINDI) available at a crazy discount of 53% is a great book when it comes to math games with answers. It has got a hundred games and a hundred solution tricks to solve the math problems which gives an edge over other books especially the math textbooks. You can buy it by hitting the ‘contact owner’ button above only through the used bookstore of bx-zone.com; buying this book to your kid is one of the greatest gifts you can give to him/her because this will give them an exciting way to learn and believe me, a kid learning through games is the one thing that you want as a parent.

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