Natural Disasters- History, reasons and Measures (HINDI)

Author : Rajkumar Gurjar, B.C.Jaat
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Detailed information and scenarios of natural disasters, it's precautions, cure and measures the world faced or may face.. says :-
‘What are natural disasters?’ a question often asked by 3rd grade students to their parents as their teachers ask them to write an essay on them. Natural disasters are becoming increasingly common and their reason is attributed to ‘global warming’ only. Well, I define natural disasters as a phenomenon in which nature’s wrath is faced by a major chunk of human community as a result of the deeds of only few people exceeding limits. I am going too philosophical, Isn’t it? Let me stick to the topic which is about telling you that always be informed what natural disasters measures to take when one occurs. They are inevitable but natural disasters management is something that students should focus on so that not only they can take care of themselves at the time of crisis but also educate others, for example, let’s talk about one of the types of natural disasters which is most common – earthquake. What can save you during an earthquake is ‘the triangle of life’ but how many people know it? Do students know it? That’s why, it is necessary that students are given basic knowledge on them like their history, reasons as well measures leading to prevention from natural disasters. This book Natural Disasters- History, reasons and Measures (HINDI) will do the task of teaching you what I am talking about here. Students can use this book not only to inform themselves about the types of natural disasters but can use to right the essay they get as assignments by their teachers. Book readers, who read books of various genres to keep themselves updated in every field can adorn their bookshelf with this book providing invaluable, life saving information.

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