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Malappuram Fiction
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Krishna's knowledge about Indian history changes forever as HE discovers that he is the key to the ultimate secret. says :-
Any train journey or an airplane travel of a bookworm never happens without a couple of thriller books in the hand baggage. The vibration entering the body when the train speeds ahead on the rails making that clinging sound creates a perfect ambience for a thriller book. When in an airplane on the window seat, you see a farm of clouds, even that intrigues me to flip the pages of the book quickly out of the curiosity to know what’s going to happen next. But, all this thrilling experience won’t come unless you have the right set of thriller books to read in your bag. One of the good thriller books is THE ULTIMATE SECRET written by Ashwin Ramanujam. The story involves a protagonist Krishna, who in order to fulfill the classic American Dream loses his family and girlfriend and then finds himself as the key to an ultimate secret, which is the title of the book. I categorize this book as a mythological fiction and you can totally read it in a long train journey, it won’t disappoint you. Available at a discount of 44% only on

(500 chars only) I'm willing to buy this book. Can I buy this book at 80 rupees? If you are able to speed post on my address i can pay through google pay ..