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I have full Fiitjee material of year 2018 and I want to sell it. Material is fully new and complete.. says :-
Different students get different questions during their JEE mains preparation but one question keeps roaming in the minds of first timers- Is JEE mains tough? Well, it is not. What is difficult which makes the JEE mains paper difficult is the tension in the exam hall. The exam hall tension and the lack of calmness in mind while you see the paper the first time makes JEE mains tough. Take these issues affecting mind out and you can clear JEE mains with flying colors. There are students who have cleared JEE mains just by studying the NCERT textbooks of class 12 and class 11. Speaking of NCERT textbooks, there looms another question – Is NCERT enough for JEE mains? If you are going to speak to the toppers they are going to suggest you to read NCERT textbooks thoroughly because JEE mains put some questions directly from the NCERT books. I would say for certain sections like Inorganic chemistry, Physical chemistry, and certain topics of physics NCERT is enough but it is highly recommended to refer to books like HC Verma for physics and ML Khanna for mathematics to prepare better for the exam. If you are preparing for JEE mains without coaching then you can buy IIT JEE study material of any coaching institute like fiitjee classroom study package chemistry from They are available at some awesome discounts on bx-zone. If you first do the NCERT, then the study material followed by the previous year questions of JEE mains then I am sure the questions in JEE mains paper will appear your friend. Another question asked from the community of JEE mains aspirants is how many marks are required to clear JEE mains. The qualifying marks for JEE mains 2020 (released) for CRL is 90.37. For OBC, the cut off is 72.888, for SC – 50.17, for ST – 39.06, PwD - .0618524. For 2019, the qualifying marks for JEE mains were 89.75 for CRL, in 2018 it was 74. So the minimum marks for JEE mains which you require to qualify for JEE advanced is 90.37, especially if you have written the JEE mains paper in 2020. Let’s talk about the age limit in JEE mains now, it’s also another matter of concern among students because you always hope that if you don’t get lucky this year then you will be giving a shot the next year. In the JEE mains exam of 2021, no age limit has been specified to appear in the exam. So, even if you’re a pass-out of 2019, you are eligible to write the JEE mains exam 2021.

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