Nabeel's Song

Author : Jo Tatchell
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Written by Jo Tatchell, a journalist who has spent many years in the Middle East and who is a close friend of Nabeel Yasin’s, Nabeel's Song is the gripping story of a family and its fateful encounter with . says :-
Nabeel's Song has been written by a UK author Jo Tatchell, a journalist by profession who lived in Middle east for a large chunk of his time. Nabeel's Song – A family story of survival in Iraq is about Nabeel Yasin, a poet born in Iraq who fled away with his wife and son because after he witnessed the oppression and repression of then dictator of Iraq – Saddam Hussain. All those youngsters who think that their life has come to a halt, who think they are not progressing and their fate is challenging them every day must, I say again, must read Nabeel’s song. This guy was hounded by the regime of Saddam Hussain and was on the verge of getting killed only if he had not fled the country then. Nabeel (now 70) was young when his poetry started rising and making difference in Iraq, and what is expected under the rule of a cruel dictator is what happened exactly, the brothers of Nabeel were imprisoned and the regime people came to beat Nabeel Yasin. He was beaten brutally and foresaw his death if he stayed anymore, which is why he left for Beirut from Iraq.Nabeel's Song – A family story of survival in Iraq is all about the extraordinary troubled events faced by Nabeel Yasin throughout his life during which he never stopped coming up with his poetry. It’s one of the survival books which on any day adorns your book-shelf and you can buy it in the city of New Delhi only from the used bookstore of

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