Nabeel's Song

Author : Jo Tatchell
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Written by Jo Tatchell, a journalist who has spent many years in the Middle East and who is a close friend of Nabeel Yasin’s, Nabeel's Song is the gripping story of a family and its fateful encounter with . says :-
British freelance journalist Jo Thatchell brings for you an eventful and thrilling tale of survival in this fabulous book Nabeel's Song. The book provides the story of a young, talented poet Nabeel Yasin and his struggle in his own homeland torn apart by the eccentricity of a dictator Saddam Hussain. Nabeel Yasin saw the days of early success in his life as a poet but when asked to write poetry exalting the then dictator of Iraq – Saddam Hussain, he refused. Not only Nabeel but his entire family that included three brothers and two sisters had to bear the brunt of the brutalities of the Saddam Hussain regime. His brothers went in the prison multiple times where they were tortured both physically and mentally by the soldiers of the Ba’athist party. One of the sisters of Nabeel Yasin who was a practicing physician was thrown into one of the worst hospitals of the country because she refused to join the Ba’athist party of Saddam Hussain. Nabeel became a star poet in the mid-70s with his works Brother Yasin and Mesopotamia earning all the fame any young lad could desire but Nabeel Yasin kept showing his discontent towards the brutality of the regime through his poetry due to which an assassination attempt on his family was made. He decided to flee the country as he was sure that there was nothing but death eventually if he stayed in Iraq. In the year 1979, Nabeel Yasin was added to the cultural blacklist of Iraq as he didn’t accede to the demands of the regime to write poetry in praises of the ruthless dictator. Nabeel’s song portrays the tale of what a man and his family had to go through during exile and how much they had to endure. The book also depicts the disturbing situation of Iraq under the regime which most reporters of that period failed to do. The book describes in its first part the childhood of Nabeel, the talent of poetry, the rise to the success, the humiliation and then the exile. In the second part, Nabeel’s song describes the exile period of his family. His moving from country to country, searching for a job as a journalist and thus finally settling in the United Kingdom. A gut-wrenching emotional saga of a man and his family that will make you reach for tissues.Overall, at a discount of 59%, Nabeel's Song is the best book that you can read.

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