Da Vinci code

Author : Dan brown
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Thiruvananthapuram Fiction
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Da Vinci code price negotiable it's a gud book.i am at kowdiar.

bx-zone.com says :-
The Da Vinci code has been one of the most famous novels of Dan Brown. The character of Robert Langdon adorns the content of the novel and it feels had there been any character other than Robert Langdon this novel wouldn’t have been as interesting as it is now. You know if you’re into fiction and if you haven’t read the da Vinci code then there’s a book missing in your book shelf. In case fiction is not your genre even then there is a strong recommendation to read the da Vinci code by Dan Brown. You will certainly feel as if you’re traveling through the lanes of Paris while reading this novel along with Robert Langdon. There is Monalisa, there is Vitruvius man and many more in this novel. It is certainly worth a read available at a discount of 37% in the used books store.

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