Solved past years IIT JEE solved papers

Author : Amit M Agarwal, DC Pandey, Ran
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My Sis used this for IIT Prep. She got into IIT. So, selling this book.. says :-
If you have been following the JEE mains exam closely then you must be knowing that IIT set its toughest paper in the year 2018. Going through the JEE mains paper of 2018 will help you to know the toughest level of questions that can appear in the JEE mains exam and the JEE advanced exam. Now, 2018 was a year close enough to the current time so you know that the JEE mains exam was tougher than usual in that year. What about the past years except 2018 when IITs threw in front of you questions of higher difficulty than its regular years? The point is that knowing each and every question which appeared in the JEE mains and JEE advanced exam of the past years is important from the perspective of good IIT JEE preparation. This level of preparation in which you have an idea of the IIT JEE exam pattern and the type of questions asked can only be achieved by solving IIT JEE previous year question papers. Also, if your mind is roaming around a question of which to attempt first – question banks or IIT JEE previous year papers then the answer is papers. Solving last 20 years IIT JEE question papers will give you a strong feel of the JEE mains exam, plus you will learn the time management and discipline needed to crack the JEE mains exam on the exam day. Your search for past year IIT JEE papers stops right here in the used books store of bx-zone. Bx-zone’s website has got plenty of listings of the JEE previous year question papers. In its second hand bookstore, you will find last 5 years IIT JEE papers, as well as, last 20 years IIT JEE papers. In case you are looking for IIT question papers chapter wise then bx-zone has them for you available at deep discounts. Some students who believe in aggressive preparation ask for Arihant previous year IIT JEE papers of 39 years. Solving the past years IIT JEE papers of 39 years requires strong will but once you accomplish this huge task then nobody can stop you from scoring an AIR of less than 1000. By the way, bx-zone has Arihant 39 years previous year JEE question papers available for you at a big discount.

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