IIT Mathematics

Author : ML Khanaa and JN Sharma
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It is IIT Mathematics Book where I used to solve IIT problems. Its a bit old but in good condition to solve problems.

bx-zone.com says :-
Many JEE aspirants have this question that is ML Khanna IIT Mathematics sufficient to crack the JEE advanced exam? While I won’t answer it in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ because doing so will for sure mislead you. IIT mathematics is no ordinary. Scoring high in the mathematics section of the JEE advanced exam requires strong understanding of the concepts from calculus to maxima, minima, from binomial theorem to permutations combinations and probability. After your concepts become clear you need to put equal amount of effort in practicing the IIT level questions. For this you need to find the right books for IIT mathematics. If I told you that ML Khanna would be sufficient for JEE advanced exam then it would be an incomplete answer. Yes, IIT mathematics by ML Khanna contains a top notch questions and you should refer to it if you want to crack the JEE advanced exam but before you pick ML Khanna book you must complete the NCERT and RD Sharma. When you do the comparison of ML Khanna vs RD Sharma then clearly ML Khanna will emerge as the winner but it is not about picking the winner out. It is about doing a high quality IIT JEE mathematics preparation. Both RD Sharma and ML Khanna mathematics book complement each other. RD Sharma maths book has questions which set the right base for you. You can build a solid foundation in mathematics by solving questions from each chapter given in RD Sharma because mostly the questions are of basic level. Only thing you need to remember is that you don’t solve too many question of easy level as it would waste your time. The moment you feel that you have built a good base in a particular concept of mathematics it’s time to switch to ML Khanna IIT mathematics as this renowned book has questions of hard and expert level difficulty. These questions have the exact difficulty level as asked in the JEE advanced exam. So, if you start your preparation by solving NCERT textbook of maths, then RD Sharma and finally if you solve all questions of ML Khanna, I would say you have done sufficient preparation to crack the JEE advanced exam.

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