Calculus for iit jee

Author : I A Maron
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New condition book. Available for sale. IIT JEE Preparation.. says :-
You ask any mathematics teacher in any institute who prepares you for JEE question paper and he/she will tell you how big a role plays calculus in the JEE advanced exam paper. The calculus for IIT JEE, if practiced correctly can make your paper but if left unprepared can break your jee exam paper too. Well, mathematics is always interesting. There are times when your mom tells you to leave the PS4 and take to the study table, what do you do then? As the mind is not yet ready to study any hard concept of physics or chemistry so you pick mathematics, and when you do your first question of differentiability, it becomes so interesting that you then go on for a solving spree of 2 to 3 hours and you don’t miss the PS4 anymore. The point is that calculus for IIT JEE is important but it is damn interesting too. The concepts like functions, differentiability, indefinite and definite integration, differential equations, area under curves form the calculus syllabus in mathematics. Now, the question comes of calculus IIT JEE books; not only this short blog is the location of one of the books for calculus for iit jee, but this book listing where you are reading this blog is also there to provide you the best book of calculus for iit jee preparation at a big discount of 60%. Calculus carries around 40% weightage in IIT JEE exam, hence, there must be special attention paid to it; even if you’re solving universal self scorer to target the state engineering entrance exam then also maths calculus will play a dominant role and this book will help you score good in that 40% section of the exam.

(500 chars only) I want to buy. I have contacted you also But only problem is i am living far away in Punjab. How could I buy???