Vectors and 3-D for iit jee

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New condition book. Available for sale. IIT JEE Preparation.. says :-
In this blog, I am going to talk about vectors and 3d geometry. Let me tell you that Vector 3d in iit jee give you some questions to score. All you need is a decent practice for which proper absorption of the concepts of vectors and 3d geometry is necessary. 3D geometry in IIT JEE is very important. Even though, they ask just 2 questions from 3d geometry in JEE Mains exam but if you solve those 2 questions correctly you are going to score 8 marks. This is going to take you ahead of those who just skipped this important topic of the IIT JEE maths syllabus. In class 11, I encountered IIT JEE coordinate geometry for the first time. Circle, parabola, hyperbola, ellipse, straight lines, equation of these shapes were difficult concepts for an 11th grader to understand but my teacher told me to prepare a formula sheet. Try to apply the formulae in the questions I solve and keep practicing. Even though coordinate geometry for IIT JEE seemed like a mammoth to me initially but studying and practicing the questions from NCERT math book and RS Aggarwal book for coordinate geometry I became quite decent at it. Within a few weeks I became a ‘goto’ person for vectors and 3D geometry as well as coordinate geometry. I discovered that along with hard work you also need the best book for vectors and 3D. NCERT book does a nice job but I feel and a lot JEE candidates also feel that geometry requires a lot of practice so referring to a couple of other books isn’t a bad idea. For Vectors and 3D Geometry Cengage book is considered as one of the best. Well, it is available for you at a grand discount of 42%. All you have to do is hit the ‘contact owner’ button. Remember that vectors and 3d geometry can’t be completed within a week. You got to give it a few weeks of time to first study the concepts, absorb them and then thoroughly practice the problems to score in the questions of this topic in JEE mains exam.

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