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You call a person nerd who talks mathematics and physics and who loves reading comic books. I believe the language of mathematics and physics is not limited to nerds. A good engineer should also use the language of mathematics and physics. When mathematics and physics flow in veins inventions and discoveries happen. May be this is the reason why mathematics for IIT JEE exam is so important. The Maths IIT JEE questions judge your understanding in this fantastic subject. Only when you have completely understood the concepts from their foundation and done enough practice, IIT JEE mathematics will push your AIR up drastically. IIT JEE mathematics syllabus is good and will help you even when you become an aeronautical engineer in ISRO or NASA. The point is that it contains the concepts on which advanced mathematics concepts are based. Let me also tell you the proportions of different topics in IIT JEE. Starting from the least, quadratic equations, complex numbers constitute 6%, Matrix & determinant 7%, Statistics & mathematical reasoning 7%, Sequence & series 7%, Trigonometry 7%, Coordinate Geometry 17%, Vector & 3D 10%, Integral calculus 13%, Binomial theorem, permutations & combinations, probability 13% and differential calculus 13%. So, that was the Maths topic wise weightage in JEE mains. Speaking of Maths IIT JEE books – if you are an average learner then pick up RD Sharma mathematics for IIT JEE and start solving it. It is available at a discount of 58% in the used bookstore of bx-zone. You need to keep a strict check on which level of questions you are solving. Do not spend too much time on easy questions. Once you have absorbed the basics, move to the questions of next difficulty level. You cannot afford to not revise what you have already done. Timely revision of the questions as well as the theory of concepts is important. Once you have solved RD Sharma, it is the time to move to a higher level book such as ML Khanna. This book has got IIT level maths questions and is used by many toppers in the preparation of mathematics for IIT JEE. You can also get it from bx-zone at a big discount. In case you solve ML Khanna well before the JEE mains exam then you can also take a look into the A Das Gupta mathematics. Buy the one which has MCQ questions because that will give you the feel of JEE mains mathematics section. If you can manage the time well then you can start the A Das Gupta mathematics in parallel with ML Khanna. Another recommendation by JEE toppers is Cengage mathematics books. Your IIT JEE maths preparation won’t be complete if you don’t go through the Arihant previous year papers of JEE. They play the most crucial role in the preparation. They give you the knowledge of JEE mains exam pattern as well as the JEE advanced exam pattern which is very necessary. If you give your everything to complete these books with proper revision, followed by previous year question papers, then you have a good chance of clearing the JEE advanced exam.

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