Vehicles Sticker book(New Book)

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Age 2-3 yrsPrice: INR 60.00 Format: PaperbackLanguage: English. says :-
When my sister’s 3 year old starting using YouTube to watch cartoons she raised her eyebrows. She wouldn’t want her daughter to see smartphone at all. She went to a bookshop and bought a sticker book for 3 year old. She gave it to her daughter and you couldn’t imagine the magic it did to her habits. My niece literally, gave up on the smartphone and got engaged in that book. My sister kept buying sticker books for toddlers and started giving them after regular intervals to my niece. Believe me, my niece not only read them with charm but also started recognizing animals and types of houses very early and much better than kids of her age. One day, while passing by the book shops, she even asked her mother to buy a sticker book holder for all her sticker books. This is the impact those books had on her. It’s just not a saying that books are a human’s best friend. It is real stories like these which prove their worth in a human’s life especially in the cerebral development of the children. I am sure you know now where to buy children’s books – or if you’re planning to buy more books for your kids and sell the old ones then you know where to sell children’s books also again it’s Well, speaking of sticker books, here is one fantastic Vehicles Sticker book(New Book) available in this listing of the used bookstore in the city of Pune at a discount of 16%. Buy it for your kids and take a big step towards their bright future.

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