Physics for IIT JEE

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Physics for iit jee. Very good book by disha publication.. says :-
Physics iit jee syllabus is both tough and large but what makes it worth studying is it is very interesting. There are chapters like electricity, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, laws of motion, elasticity, oscillations and waves, kinematics, work, energy and power and rotational motion which attract you to read them more and more unless and until you have mastered them. I recommend studying NCERT physics book of class 12 first to go through all these concepts because more or less, it is one of the best books on physics for iit-jee. Once you have solved it a couple of times, it’s time to switch to other books which give you more and more physics iit jee questions to solve such that your preparation comes at par with the level of IIT JEE exam. Physics for IIT JEE by Disha publications is one such book which you can use in IIT JEE preparation as well as to prepare the AIEEE exam. The book seller of this book listing says that it is a very good book of physics for IIT JEE and is in a very good condition as well. The book seller is giving it away at a discount of 50% in the city of Pune through the online used bookstore of Do not choose more than two books to prepare for Physics IIT JEE as it is not recommended by the teachers rather than studying one concept from multiple books it is always better to read the same concept and solve questions multiple times from the same book. This doesn’t lead to confusion and directs you towards a robust physics preparation which is certainly dependent on the clarity of concepts.

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