Never Go Back

Author : Lee Child
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The book is in excellent condition plus it is a great thriller. Reach out to me on my cell.. says :-
I always loved watching Scooby doo when I was a kid and thought that I would one day buy all DVDs of Scooby doo once I get my first job. When it happened and on receiving the first salary, I thought of fulfilling the promise I made to myself, so I went to a mall’s bookstore looking for those DVDs. There interestingly I first saw Lee child books. A section next to the bookshelf which held Lee Child books, endorsed a banner which said ‘Lee child books latest’ and in that section I saw – ‘Never Go Back’. Quickly, I went through the lee child books series in the bookshelf and found out that all his novels belong to my favorite genre – murder mystery books. Interestingly, I found that Lee child books revolve around the central character Jack Reacher; even though the bookstore kept Jack reacher books in chronological order but I got excited about ‘Never go back’ and shattered the order of Jack Reacher books, I bought it and Scooby doo went completely off my mind. Well, ‘Never Go Back’ by Lee Child was one of the best thrillers I ever read. Lee Child’s style of writing is unique and a book reader always wants to read a book that keeps them hooked from the beginning to end and let me tell you that this ‘never go back’ lee child book did a decent job here. Few years later a movie came out based on the same novel starring Tom Cruise, even though Tom Cruise is my favourite but let me tell you it was unfair to the novel and 60% of the plot was changed. Therefore, reading this novel by buying it second hand from will be better if you want to read and enjoy Jack reacher books. Also, I am providing you here the correct reading order of Jack Reacher books – Killing Floor, Die Trying, Tripwire, The Visitor, Echo Burning, Without Fail, Persuader, The enemy, One Shot, The Hard Way, Bad Luck and Trouble, Too Much Time, Gone Tomorrow, Worth Dying for, 61 Hours, Second Son, The Affair, Deep Down, A Wanted Man, High Heat, Never Go Back, Not a Drill, Personal, Small Wars, Make Me, Past Tense, Night School, The Midnight Line, Too Much Time, Faking a Murderer, The Christmas Scorpion, The Fourth Man, Cleaning the Gold, Blue Moon.

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