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Unused condition.Great help for NTSE aspirants. Although a bit older edition, but the syllabus has not changed.. says :-
A wise man once said to me that the fear of failure is the reason behind lack of progress. The wise man told this to me in my childhood when I could hardly gather its meaning. But then he came to the point and told me that if you want to succeed in your life then you need to explore more and you need to expose yourself to as many challenges as possible. This was the time when I refused to apply for the NTSE exam. I would pass on the same message to you. If you want to succeed as a student and as a professional then you need to start exposing yourself to challenges as early as possible. One such challenge is the NTSE exam. So, what is NTSE exam? The National talent search examination is conducted by the NCERT to identify talented students in India. The talented students are then awarded with scholarships. Above all, it is going to give you an experience of facing a competitive examination before JEE mains, IIT JAM, NEET or CLAT examinations. It is based on the syllabus of class 9th and class 10th. If you read the NCERT books of class 9th and class 10th properly then you can easily score in the NTSE exam which is a 4 hour examination. The NTSE exam judges your talent based on two tests – 1) Mental Ability test – This section tests your problem solving, reasoning and critical thinking abilities. 2) Scholastic Aptitude test – This particular section judges you on your academic knowledge of class 10th and class 9th. This test challenges you with questions of mathematics, science, history, civics, geography, economics etc. The NTSE exam syllabus is aligned with your NCERT books of class 10, thus, with little more preparation you can crack this exam and make a mark early in your life. You can always find additional help regarding NTSE exam preparation. You can prepare for NTSE exam from books or course material like FIITJEE COMPENDIUM V1 & 2 which are specifically designed for the NTSE. You can get it at a big discount on Now, we come to the big question of how to crack NTSE exam? The answer is simple – understand the syllabus, get a good study material like FIITJEE COMPENDIUM V1 & 2, study more, practice verbal ability problems, revise and then write the exam. Preparing for the NTSE exam is nothing less than fun. You will enjoy solving questions on blood relations, missing characters, word problems and classification. The good part about the NTSE exam is that there is nothing to lose but there is so much to gain.

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