New Pattern Chemistry

Author : DR. RK Gupta
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An advance level of chemistry considering all three major aspect of subject like inorganic,physical & organic chemistry having lot of exercise and their answers.. says :-
The JEE Mains chemistry syllabus is tough and ushers students to master various sections of chemisty. These include inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry. Apart from JEE Mains, various other engineering competitive examinations also require students not only to study hard but be an expert at all these sections or let me say, a major portion of these 3 sections of chemistry because the luck only favors the experts in such examinations. Although there are many jee main books for chemistry available in the used bookstore of as well as many jee main chemistry questions papers both chapterwise solved/unsolved but it is always good if you find everything like the content on all the jee main chemistry important topics, notes for jee mains chemistry and jee main chemistry paper last year as well as of previous years under one roof. In fact, lots of exercises and their answers related to these topics, if provided, will add flavor to this whole package. New Pattern Chemistry by R K Gupta is one such roof I talked about just now. It covers in depth the three major aspects of Chemistry inorganic, organic and physical along with that it provides major exercises and their solutions which will be very beneficial for you if you’re aspiring to crack IIT JEE exam or any other state level engineering competitive examination. Buy it from the competitive exam books category of our used bookstore at a smashing discount of 37%, do remember one key thing that this is one of the arihant publication books which adds a lot of credibility to its content.

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